Shipcraft #8
Fletcher Class Destroyers
by Lester Abbey

reviewed by Timothy Dike

One of my favorite modelers  is Lester Abbey. Lester is well known for his extensively researched and meticulously detailed waterline ships. Well he has finally put his knowledge down in print. This book on US Navy Fletcher Class Destroyers is the result. Like the other books in the Shipcraft series, this one is a mix of model kits and real history and data on the ships.

The history section covers the design and the careers of many of the Fletchers. The Fletcher is probably the most well known class of US Navy destroyer, and while they were similar, the design evolved over the years. This book does a good job of documenting those details. The many versions are covered in photos, drawings, and even color profiles that show how they were painted.

Some of the best models built by a variety of modelers are featured in some nice high quality images. A kit review section discusses the merits of the many kits that have been released over the years. Photo etch and detail sets are also shown. I found the evaluations of the kits to be very accurate and they will give you a good guide of what type of Fletcher can be built from the kit and how much work you will have to put into it to make it right.


If you a fan of the Fletcher Class Destroyers and/or you want to pick the best kit to build a Fletcher class destroyer then this is a must have book. This book  provides a great guide of what's available in the kit world and how the real ships were fitted out. It is a handy reference to have around for quick reference too.

This is Shipcraft #8 is 64 pages overall, 32 of which are in color. It is available in the US from Classic Warships or wherever fine warship books are found. Check their website for this and other Ship Craft books.