Shipcraft #6 German S-Boats
by Steve Wiper

reviewed by Timothy Dike

If you are building an S-Boat, then you might want to give this Ship Craft Book a good look. It covers these German torpedo boats. Like the other books in the series, this one includes sections on design, kit reviews, modelers gallery, S-Boats in color, and plans and illustrations.
This is probably the best in the Shipcraft series with a good balance of information and photos. The photos are pretty good with plenty of photos that show the different types and the various features of these boats. 

The kit reviews included will give you a good overall idea of what kits are available to build any of these boats. The gallery is full of some great shots of the best S-Boat builds in print quality photos.

The profile views with the full color camo is my favorite part of the book. These will come in handy if you want to paint your S-Boat in something other than what the kit instructions call for. There are also photos that show these camo designs in use. The plans included are for the most part very detailed. Some even show interior details. Hull lines are also included. There is also a short photo section on post war S-Boats.

If you have been wanting to build and S-Boat, but are not sure of which one, this book will help. It provides a good guide of what's available and gives you plenty of reference to do it right. This is Shipcraft #6 German S-Boats, ISBN #1-86176-278-X  with a list price of $22.00. It is available in the US from Classic Warships or wherever fine warship books are found. Check their website for this and other Ship Craft books.