by Steve Backer
reviewed by Timothy Dike
Ship Craft #5 is out and this one covers the Myoko and Takao class heavy cruisers. With the skillful writing of Steve Backer the editor of this book is perhaps the best Shipcraft to date. These two cruiser classes are covered from their design to their demise. Changes and variations in them are described in detail. 
The book is well illustrated with ship plans drawn and rendered from George Richardson. My one gripe with this book is the way the plans are printed over the spine. This makes it hard to see the plans in their complete detail as some is hidden in the seam. 

Kit reviews of most of the available kits and accessories are provided in one section. While some of the best examples of models of Japanese heavy cruisers are presented in another. The photo quality on the models is very good with lots of color. 

A great book for anyone interested in these Japanese Heavy Cruisers. The superb color photos of the modelers and drawings really makes this a great resourse for the modeler. Shipcraft #5 Japanese Heavy Cruisers  ISBN 1-86176-221-6  lists for $22.00 and is available in the US from Classic Warships. Check their website for more Ship Craft books .