Reviewed by Timothy
Profile Morskie has been publishing Polish language books on ship subjects for many years now. Many of us have bought their books just for the nicely drawn plans they include. This new one on the USS Baltimore 1944 is produced with both English and Polish text. Like their other books this one includes historical text, and photos that show the ship during the 1944 time period. The text on the pages is divided into columns with english on one side and polish on the other. 
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But the real value is the many detailed line drawings showing the ship in plan and elevation. Deck levels, cross sections, and all kinds of detail views help illustrate how the ship was fitted. There are even some full color camo drawings that will help you paint the dazzle camo that she wore in 44. 
The drawings are printed in 1/500 scale and are very nicely done with sharp clear lines and nicely organized views. 

If your building a USS Baltimore, then you will find this a most valuable resource. I love the fact that it is now offered with English text. This is item # PM-99 American heavy cruiser USS BALTIMORE (1944). - Price 16 EUR. Check the Profile Morskie website for specials including a book and PDF combo deal. In the US, Pacific Front lists the book for $18.00.