Reviewed June 2015
by Timothy Dike
The King George V was the first of five modern battleships built by the British navy in world war two. 
This new book from Profile Morskie details the King George V in 1941.  This 25 page booklet details the ship with photos and plans drawn to 1/500 scale.  There is also a 1/500 scale color profile of the ship in 1941.  There are several pages of deck level drawings with weapons and other details in 1/250 scale.  These include plan and elevation views from all sides. The drawings are a great benefit to the modeler and help illustrate the features of the ship.
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Whether super detailing your old Tamiya kit for scratch building your own, this book will come in handy.  If you need more Profile Morskie offers warship plans printed on paper or in PDF form in 1/200, 1/192, 1/144, 1/100, 1/96, and 1/72 scales.

This book is "The British battleship HMS King George V Profile Morskie No 136 for 24.99 EUR or about 27 US. You can order it online via the website and pay with PayPal.