Yellow Periscope Series #3

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
For years modelers have been relying on Profile Morski books for plans and photos. These books often feature really nice drawings but up until recently have only featured Polish text. Now These books are being produced in the Yellow Periscope line with English text to supplement the Polish text. This one covers the French Destroyer Le Terrible, the Japanese Destroyer Yukikaze, and the American Destroyer Drayton.
This book includes plenty of photographs, and detailed drawings of the ships and the many fittings found on them. They are drawn in 1/200, 1/400, and 1/700 scale. 
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The drawings are extremely detailed and show just about every aspect of each ship. There is plenty of info presented and these will allow you to superdetail your ships.

This book is a must have for anyone interested in these Destroyers boats. Airconnection, well known for their customer service and great selection has this one item # YPS 03 for only $19.99 USD / $26.99 CDN. Check the Airconnection website for the latest in books from Profile Morski and other European sources.