Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Profile Morski has been publishing Polish and more recently English Language books on ships for many years now. Their books are typically packed with detail drawings showing more than just the typical plan and elevation views. They are now offering many of their plans in PDF format. 
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This set features the Battleship New Mexico in 1/700 and 1/350 scale. You can view these plans on your computer using the free Adobe PDF viewer that is probably already on your computer. There is nothing like being able to zoom in on a particular view and get a closer view of what your looking at. You can also print out the pages. The plans are well drawn using CAD and are clear and sharp. Like the books they feature all the details of the ship, from the anchors to the main and secondary guns. All are provided from different angles. These are very useful if you are scratchbuilding or superdetailing. The only thing I can see that isn't right on the plans is the lack of deck camber on the hull lines. 
The printed pages are sharp and clear and sized to fit on a standard 8 x 11 page. The PDF files are protected so you can not edit them or import them into other programs and they are watermarked with a personal message. Mine say "These plans prepared specifically for Timothy Dike".  

Plans for the New Mexico are available in either 1/200 scale or 1/350 scale for 10 EUR or about $15.00. Print them out, mark them up with notes, and then print out a fresh copy. 

Profile Morski books and plans are available direct from the website or where ever fine Naval Ship books are sold.