Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Profile Morskie has released a new Special Edition Book that covers not just one ships, but a group or five British ships from the same era. This first one features a British Carrier the HMS Eagle, a Battleship HMS Resolution, a Cruiser the HMS Ajax, a Destroyer the HMS Oribi and Frigate the HMS Naiad all from the 1942 to 43 time frame. The book includes photos, plans drawn in 1/700 scale, and color profiles showing the markings. The color profiles are not bound to the book so the modeler can remove them and unfold them for a full view of the ship without page folds obscuring the details.
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The drawings are the real benefit in these books as they feature nice plan and profile views, section views showing portions of the ship that are hidden by the typical views, and lots of equipment and detail drawings. The latter are shown by themselves making them an excellent source for scratchbuilders. 

It's nice to see Profile Morskie producing new books that appeal to modelers. This one is a handy reference that should make British ship modelers very happy.

Check the Profile Morskie website for this book and others new Special Edition series covering other nations. This one lists for 29.90 EUR and includes the cost of shipping.