Reviewed by Timothy Dike
January 2014
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Known for their books Profile Morski also offers plans for many ships. This set features the HMS Kent printed out on sturdy paper that unfolds to about 27" x 39". The drawings done in 1/200 scale show the ship in 1942 and include all standard views such as plan and elevation as well as deck level plans with overhead details removed so you can see everything on each level. The plans come tucked inside a 9-3/4" by 13-3/4" cover with photos of the ship inside and a nice color profile on the back.  
There are hull lines and a multitude of detail views showing virtually all areas of the ship. 
The side elevations are well represented, however the bow and stern views are lacking. The drawing are sharp and clean and the weapons and fittings are well illustrated. 

Whether your superdetailing a kit or scratchbuilding your own, this set of plans will help you get the details right. This is British heavy cruiser HMS KENT (1942) for 16.99 EUR or 23 US. But right now you can get them for the Promotional price of 11.99 EUR or 16.23 US direct from the website