Reviewed by Timothy Dike
April 2015
The Sims Class was a prewar design of 1500 tons authorized in 1937. They were an enlarged and improved version of the Gridley and Benham class. As built with their five 5" guns and triple torpedo launchers they were overweight and unstable. The solution was to remove the number three 5" gun and the third torpedo launcher. The second launcher was relocated to the centerline in what would become the standard arrangement for future classes of Destroyers. The Sims class were active in both theaters of the war and were active from the beginning to the end of the war. The Sims class were used in a variety of roles, one was used in an anti Kamikaze role with heavy modifications amidships.
This new book from Profile Morskie details the USS Sims in her 1942 wartime fit. There are plenty of photos showing most of the ship. But the real benefit of the book are the drawings. Drawn up in 1/350 scale, these include hull lines, deck levels and section views.
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A really nice  color profile showing both sides of the ship along with a plan view illustrates the 1942 camo.
If your superdetailing your old YMK Sims or perhaps converting your Dragon Benson to a Sims, this book will prove an invaluable resource. 

This book is "American destroyer USS Sims (1942) Profile Morskie No 142" for 24.99 EUR or about 27 US. You can order it online via the website and pay with PayPal.