Reviewed by Timothy Dike
If you have a Blu-Ray player, you will be interested in this. Periscope Film has remasted the entire Victory At Sea series on three Blu-Ray discs. This is not a copy of a copy, it was digitally remastered and restored from original film prints.

There are 26 episodes in all with additional commentary audio track by film historian Peter Rollins.  If you are unfamiliar with the series, read the summary below:

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Fifty years after it was originally released, VICTORY AT SEA remains one of the most moving, thoughtful, and important documents to emerge from World War II. Winner of nearly every media award including the Peabody and the Emmy, VICTORY AT SEA inspired a nation and helped define historical programming for a generation. Made by the men who had lived through the tragedy and triumph of the conflict, and presented to a nation which was only beginning to grasp the new American reality that emerged after VJ-Day, VICTORY AT SEA is considered one of the most influential and important documentaries ever created. Created by Henry Salomon (who assisted Samuel Eliot Morrison in writing a history of the war at sea), the 26 episodes that constitute VICTORY AT SEA were drawn from tens of thousands of hours of footage shot on all fronts of the war, and by cameramen from all nations. Narrated by Leonard Graves, and set to now-familiar music written by Richard Rodgers, VICTORY AT SEA is a timeless, riveting remembrance of the greatest conflict man has ever known, and a visual, aural, and psychic tribute to the men and women who saved the world from the fascist threat 1939-1945.

If you have the Victory At Sea series on some other media, you might be surprised how much it is enhanced by the high definition Blu-Ray format. This three disc set is only $29.98 on their online webstore