British Dreadnought
German Dreadnought
Jutland 1916
by Mark Stille

reviewed by Timothy Dike

The Battle of Jutland was has been the subject of many books, but I don't think I have seen one quite so well illustrated until this new book by Mark Stille. The battleships that fought are the subject of this new book. The British and German ships are covered from their development to their victory or loss. 
Not only the ship, but the crew and their tactics are discussed. The book describes the action blow by blow and features the illustrations of Howard Gerrard Ian Palmer who add another visual dimension to the book. Colorful maps and ship profiles really make the book stand out.



Osprey Publishing has as extensive line of Military theme books available for modeler and historian alike. This one will give you a good overview of the battle and the big battleships that fought in it, all in a soft cover 80 page format. This book is British Dreadnought vs German Dreadnought, Jutland 1916 by Mark Stille, ISBN: 9781849081672 with a price of £12.99 or about $21 US. You can order directly online or at many of the better Online hobby stores.