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Spring 2002 issue of
Model Ship Journal
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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Here is a look inside the latest issue of Model Ship Journal, and a sample of some of the articles included. This issue features more pages, photo's and content.

On the cover: Is a stunning photo of the 1/16" scale tug Dominion by Tim Justice, the subject of an article listed below.

 New Mexico (BB-40) a Scratchbuilt Battleship in 1/350 scale by Ken Summa's is documented with text and photo's showing the ship up close and personal.

USS Baltimore (CA-68) 1/192 scale Scratchbuilt replica by Don Preul. With photo's by Dick Bond and text by Victor Baca. Don's ship has to be seen to be appreciated and there are plenty of great photo's to give you a good look.

USCG Cape Gull (WPB-95304) A 1/48 scale replica by Louis Chagnon. Victor tells the story of this coastal patrol boat with photo's by Bob Hulford.

Heller's Salvage Tug Jean Bart is the subject of a Classic Kit review by Victor Baca.

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T-2 Tankers and EC-2 Liberty Ships A double feature review by Victor Baca takes a look at Len Jordan's 1/1200 scale armed merchant men. Background photo's and even 1/1250 plans for the Liberty Ship are included.

Research Reference T-2 Mission Class Tankers and EC-2 Liberty Ships. A look at Walter Jaffee's book The Last Mission Tanker and A.E Niederhoff's Blueprint Readying for the Ship Building Trade.

WWII Liberty Ship Jeremiah O'Brien Photographic Documentation by SeaPhoto. Great photo's by Kurt Greiner of SeaPhoto.

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Classic Warships Publishing Warship Pictorial USS New Jersey is reviewed by Victor Baca.

USS Iowa (BB-61) 1/700 scale resin kit by NNT Modell reviewed by Victor Baca.

USS Missouri (BB-63) plan and elevations drawn in 1/700 scale by Photo Marine Archives. These plans are digitally reconstructed from Official USN Plans and show the Missouri in 1944.

Reference Books for the Iowa Class Battleships by Steve Wiper. A collection of mini reviews of the best Iowa Class books available.

Welcome Aboard the Museum Ship USS New Jersey (BB-62) by Craig Bennett. Craig has taken a number of high quality photo's of the New Jersey including a lot of detail shots of areas not normally seen.

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HIJMS Kaga and Hiei  A review of MYCO Warship Plans of Japan's excellent plan set on the Kaga and Hiei by Steve Wiper.

US Coast Guard in Scale 52' Motor Lifeboat Victory (MLB-52312) by Victor Baca shows this rugged little rescue boat in action. A set of 1/8"=1' drawings are included showing plan and elevation, with sections, deck levels and hull lines included by Photo Marine Archives.

The Mikimiki Tug Dominion in 1/16th Scale by Tim Justice. The subject of the cover is documented by Victor Baca with history and background of this large scale RC Tug.

Pierre Marchal's Scratchbuilt USS Bunker Hill (CV-17). A stunning Gold Medal winning 1/350 Carrier described by the builder.

Radio Systems by Don Spielberger of Loyalhanna Dockyard. Radio Controller are the focus of this issues column. Don goes over the fine points of selecting and configuring a controller.

Midwest Ship Modeling: The 25th Annual Wisconsin Maritime Museum Ship Contest. By Kurt Van Dahm An overview of the contest with photo's of the winners.

A Page from the Scrapbook: Features the USCGC Westwind breaking ice on the St. Clair River in 1976.

Official Spec Sheet Ship's Fittings and Equipment Life Boat Davits and The Lifeboat Drill. A handy set of drawings showing Radial Quadrantal and Gravity Davits and their operation. Crew positions during launch are shown with various fittings noted.

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