In the Autumn 2001 issue of
Model Ship Journal
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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
In case you haven't picked up your copy yet, here is a look inside the latest issue of Model Ship Journal, and a sample of some of the articles included.

On the cover is a picture of the YTB 790 US Navy Tug one of the subjects of an article on their use over the years.

WW 1 USN Subchaser: A look at these old SC-1 Class subchasers with photo's and plans as well as weapons drawings and modeling notes.

USS Patoka: A nice 1/350 scratch built Airship Tender the Patoka AO-9 by Keith Bender includes some great close-up photos and historical text of this unique ship.

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German Destroyer Z-39: A pictorial history of the Captured German destroyer Z-39 by Steve Wiper includes both photo's and plans. A reference section is included listing some of the better book sources that include information on German destroyers in WW2.

USCGC Plans: A plan a photo feature of the 133' Coast Guard Coastal Buoy Tenders USCGC White Sage and USCGC White Heath. Several photo's are included as well as plans showing the elevation view, interior elevation, plan deck views with interior detail, hull lines and alternate bow marking in 1/192 scale.

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Twilight for the US Navy Yard Tugs: A pictorial covering these Navy operated tugs includes an elevation drawing and photo's of several USN tugs. Color photo's are also on both covers. On the inside of the back cover is a drawing of a YTB 4 Blade Propeller as used on the USN YTB-760 series Tugs in 1965.

US Gambier Bay in 1/48th: Edward Balling shows us his huge 10' long scratch built Escort Carrier. Several detail photo's are included that show some of the amazing detail that Ed put into his ship.

Revell's HMS Snowberry: An "In The Box" kit review by Victor Baca of this large scale kit. Beside a look at the kit, we are shown some of the detail items that will help make it more accurate.


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IJN Ashigara: A Pictorial Time Capsule of the WW2 Japanese Heavy Cruiser Ashigara showing her at several different times in her career. Also includes a 1937 elevation and 1944 plan and elevation restored by Classic Warships publishing.

Radio Control Scale: A column by Don Speilberger covers Speed Controls in great detail with an overview of what they do and some of their specifications.

USS Arizona BB-39: An in the box review of the Banner/Trumpeter 1/350 models also shows some of the detail items available for it.

USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG-81): Darren Scannel gives us a photo tour of this new Flight II Arliegh Burke Guided Missile Destroyer. Great detail photo's are included showing close-ups of the aircraft hanger, radar, and deck fittings that will be of interest to the modelers.

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A Page from the Scrapbook: Features the RN Light Cruiser Armando Diaz docked in Wellington New Zealand in 1934.
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