In the Spring 2001 issue of Model Ship Journal
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
In case you haven't picked up your copy yet, here is a look inside the latest issue of Model Ship Journal, and a sample of some of the articles included.
On the cover is a close-up shot of Pierre Marchal's scratchbuilt 1/350 USS Missouri, a stunning display of her at anchor at the Tokyo Bay surrender signing, on September 2, 1945. This issue is packed full of reviews of some of the best ship products available. 
A page from the scrapbook:
Features a photo of the USCGC FIR  (WLM-212) at the US Coast Guard Tender Docks in Seattle

1/1250 Scale:
Container ships, Liners, and Warships of several nations and era's are featured.

Hasegawa HIJMS Myoko:
Steve Wiper of Classic Warships takes some time out of his busy schedule to review this new kit.

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Building Minicrafts Titanic Part 2:
Loren Perry returns to finish up his two part article on building a 1/350 Titanic.  Follow along as this kit is super detailed by the man behind Gold Medal Models. Loren even adds scale figures of "Jack and Rose" from the flying scene in the movie.

L'Arsenal 1/400 Frigate Floreal:
Victor Baca gives us a good look at this resin kit.

White Ensign 1/350 Fairmile "D" Class MTM 794:
Victor Baca with another important kit review.

USS Wichita CA-45 1/700 Plan Feature:
Classic Warships has supplied drawings of this US Heavy Cruiser to go along with the photo feature that appeared in issue zero. Plan and elevation drawings are included as well as plan views of all deck levels.
USS Indianapolis by Tamiya:
Another review by Steve Wiper shows us what the kit includes as well as some appropriate PE for it and some great reference material to help build it right.

Pitroad IJN Takao review:
Another informative review by Steve Wiper give us a wealth of info on this new kit.

The 3"-50 cal gun:
A history of this dual purpose gun complete with photo's and plans provides you with a complete understanding of this little known weapon.

USCGC Dependable WMEC 626 in 1/72 scale
Professional modeler Keith Bender describes how he built and detailed this stunning Coast Guard cutter.
USS Missouri BB-63 by Pierre Marchal:
Not just a pretty cover shot, we get an up close and personal look at this work of art. Includes some background information on how he did this super detailed scratchbuilt ship, complete with a full complement of sailors witnessing the signing of the surrender document.

Builders Review Hasegawa IJN Zuiho: 
Ken Summa give us some background on his buildup review of this new carrier.

USS Wiltsie DD-716:
Don Preul's Gearing class destroyer cira 1952. This is a follow up to the WW2 Gearing  class that was features last quarter, and shows how the class progressed to their mid life appearance. It is interesting to compare these two ships, especially when they are detailed to the level that Don is known for. I can hardly wait to see next quarters FRAM version.

Hi Mold KM Prinz Eugen:
Another Steve Wiper review give us a good look at Pitroad's high quality resin kit. Steve also shows us some helpful reference material to help build the ship correctly.

A page from the scrapbook:
Prinz Eugen as combined in the US Navy in 1946, a great follow up to the Hi Mold review

Inside the back cover:
Is a detailed drawing of the USN 3"-50 cal ammunition and crew stations.

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  • Plan Reviews (an examination of some of the plan sets available)
  • 1/1200 &1/1250 scale (a look at what's new in the 1200 scale world) 
  • A page from the Scrapbook (featuring photo's and drawings of ship related items)
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