In the Winter 2000/20001 issue of Model Ship Journal
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
In case you haven't picked up your copy yet, here is a look inside the latest issue of Model Ship Journal, and a sample of some of the articles included.
On the cover is a close-up shot of Don Preul's amazing USS Gearing in 1/192 scale as she appeared in 1945. There are more pictures inside, with information on the ship and the model. This is part one of a three part series that will cover two other later versions of the Gearing class, a 1952 USS Whiltsie and a 1968 FRAM'ed USS Epperson. This alone makes this issue worth the cover price. I am fast becoming a fan of Don Preul and have found his detailed large scale ships an invaluable aid to building their small scale counterparts.
Magnifiers for Ship Modelers:
I model mainly in 1/700 scale found the article on Optics helpful. As we get older the eyesight diminishes and some of the magnification devices pictured here should help you prolong your modeling career.

L'Arsenals Flower Class Corvette Review:
An in the box review of this 1/400 scale WW2 showing the kit and describing it in detail.

Miniature Ship Modeling:
Michael London shows us how to Scratch build in 1/1200 scale. Warning if you read this, you will definitely need to read the Magnifiers article. His 1910 Brazilian Scout Bahia is a work of art, especially when you see how it was built.

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Stonehorse Lighthouse photo and plan feature:
One of the ships featured is the Lightship Stonehorse, you will find a very complete set of plans for this ship. The plans are well drawn in 1/192 scale and include hull lines. 

USCGC WWII Gunboat Algonquin
Like the Stonehourse feature, this one is well documented with photo's and plans including hull lines and interior detail.

A page from our Scrapbook:
A photo of USS Paricutin AE-18  during underway replenishment UNREP with USS Southerland DD-743

Royal Navy Destroyer Camouflage:
Alan Raven has done an article on Royal Navy Camouflage for Destroyers. It reads like a condensed version of one of his books and includes many photo's and camo design sheets for a variety of RN subjects.

St. Louis Admirals RC Regatta report:
Kurt Van Dalm reports on this Remote Control Boat and Ship show that features some great ships in their natural environment. 

Building Minicrafts Titanic Part 1:
Titanic lovers take heart Loren Perry shows us how to turn a plain vanilla 1/350 scale Titanic into a masterpiece. This multi part article will cover the entire process in detail. The close-up photo's are great, but they are all taken after completion,. I hope the other parts will show the building "in process".

Truly Titanic Hull scratch building:
If the 350 scale versions isn't big enough for you, Steven Brejnak shows us how to scratch build a 1/96 scale hull for one! Where do you park one of these!

Inside the back cover is a detailed drawing of and SK-2 & SK-3 radar set
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