Model Art #7
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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
I picked up this Japanese Lanquage magazine recently becuase I noticed the cover art showed the USS Laffey DD459 gunning with the IJN Hiei. I am facinated by the battles around Guadalcanal during 1942 and 43 and could not resist it. Especially with nice color profiles like those of the Washington, Portland , and Atlanta right inside the cover.
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Although I cant read the text the pictures are worth a thousand words. One of the first articles is a feature on building the Trumpeter Hornet. There are all kinds of tips that can be picked up by referrng to the photo's including how to mask the camo pattern and superdetail the kit. The quality of the photo's are good and they show the model in great detail.
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Of course the articles on the Ships of Guadalcanal are the real plus for me. A variety of models show how they built many of the ships of that campaign. The article on back dating the USS Washington is especially helpful.
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Other ships such as the Fletcher, Cushing, Barton, Hiei, and a whole host of others are covered. A lot of different techniques are used to build the differernt ships and I found most helpful.
The magazine also covers the modern Japanese Navy with a feature on the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxx that has a large number of details views that will be a great help to the superdetailer. click to enlarge
Also coverer is the Seal's Models Mikasa showing building and the final result that is very well executed. 
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