Taubman Plans are now online

at LoyalHanna Dockyard
One source of plans for modelers has been Taubman plan service. These have always been hard to get a hold of. With no website most modelers had no idea of what was available and how to get them. Loyalhanna Dockyard has recently taken over the entire line and made them available online. Since I had not seen any of their plans, I wanted to see what was available. This is the first of many reviews that I will do in the coming months covering the wide range of subjects available. Click images
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These plans are drawn in about 1/384 scale, a curious choice, but a scale is included if you wish to scale them up or down. The plan consists of one page drawn on a legal sized sheet (8-1/2" x 14"). Plan and elevation views with bow on view and basic hull lines are included as well as deck levels. 
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The drafter must have used censored plans as the gun director and search radar's are left off. Other than that the drawing appears accurate in basic dimensions.. The lines definitely look like the Gridley class, but are not as detailed as others I have reviewed. These are more typical of those found in some books. 
These are smaller reference plans -and are not intended to be used to scratchbuild a model from. They will come in handy when fitting out one of the new MidShip Gridley class destroyers. This is Product ID: #107 Gridley Class  retailing for $7.00. For additional info check the links section at  Loyalhanna Dockyard there is a huge selection of plans on the Taubman Plan service site.

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