French Language Book Navires & History

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Navires & Historire is a French Language book available from L'Arsenal. It features a variety of photos showing various parts of the ship as well as many technical illustrations showing parts of the ship. There color photos and illustrations that show how the ship was painted over it's short career. I especially like the reprints of the newspapers of that era that include stories that featured the Scharnhorst.  
While I can't read French, I can certainly enjoy the pictures and illustrations. This book will prove very helpful the whether your building the new Dragon kit or want to update the older Heller version. It will help you understand the way the many changes this mighty ship went through.

Even if you don't read French, you may enjoy this book for it's photos, plans, maps and graphics. It is available direct from L'Arsenal. This is item #LELA 07 Les croiseurs de bataille Scharnhorst LELA Presse available  for 50,00 € or about 61.49 at the time of this review. Note there is a currency converter right on the website to give you up to the date international prices.