French Naval History magazine, issue 95.

Reviewed March 2017
by Steve Wiper
Covered in this issue are :
(I have taken the liberty of translating the titles)

The Last Battle of HMS Hood - Not just her last battle, but also a nice history or her from commissioning, especially early WWII, with many photographs and a final battle map.

1939-1940 The Evasion of European Gold 2 - Continuation of the same article presented in the previous issue, also as good, with many photographs of the ships involved and images of the underground caverns where the gold was stored.

From the Empire of the Rising Sun to the Country of the Calm Morning - The transformation of what used to be territory occupied by Japan, China and Korea, September 1945 through December 1949. Many photographs and few maps.

Les Chalands LCT French in Indochina - The use of LCTs by the French in Indochina to transport supplies.

News - Current naval developments from around the world.


As with all publications from Lela Presse, the quality is very good, many photographs and plenty of illustrations are provided.  While this is a French language publication, a person not understanding French can learn a lot just from the photos and illustrations. Looking at the text, one can get an idea of what is being written.

I would encourage you to go to their website LELA Presse and peruse their many publications, as well as this magazine.