French Naval History magazine, issue 94.

Reviewed February 2017
by Steve Wiper
Covered in this issue are :
(I have taken the liberty of translating the titles)

Readers Mail - This can be rather interesting, as some of the readers contribute interesting topics, sometimes with images.

When the Americans Attacked The Jean-Bart - Extensive article on this topic with many great photographs and some good illustrations.

Sink the Tirpitz - Extensive article by noted French author Phillippe Caresse, great photos and illustrations.

1939-1940: The Escape of European Gold - Small, but important part of WWII history, good photos and illustrations.

Champlain, the End of the Beautiful Steamer - Good photos and story about the demise of a mid-sized liner during 1940.

The First Opium War and the Development of Shanghai - Interesting period of history and how the worlds navies participated.

News - Current naval developments from around the world.


As with all publications from Lela Presse, the quality is very good, many photographs and plenty of illustrations are provided.  While this is a French language publication, a person not understanding French can learn a lot just from the photos and illustrations. Looking at the text, one can get an idea of what is being written.

I would encourage you to go to their website LELA Presse and peruse their many publications, as well as this magazine.