French Language Navires & Histoires # 93:

 Reviewed by Martin J Quinn
April 2016

Navires & Histoire is a French language Naval History Magazine available from L'Arsenal.  This volume, #93, features the legendary German battleship Tirpitz
This book features 96 glossy pages of photos, drawings, CAD and text.  The cover story features the "Lone Queen of the North", Nazi Germany's fleet in being in Norway, which was finally destroyed by RAF bomber in 1944, after giving Winston Churchill much heartburn. 

Other sections in the magazine include:

    An update on the Mistral Class assault ships being built in France

    The 1939-1940 Escape of European Gold before the Nazi Conquest

    A story about German U-Boats and Cartagena, Spain

    A section about the liner Champlain

    A story about the First Opium War of 1839-42

Regrettably, for non-French speakers, the text is all in French, but the pictures - some in color - are good, with both overall and detail shots of the battleship.   The CAD drawings are for the Tirpitz are very good, showing her off in one of the camouflage patterns she wore in Norway.   The article on the Escape of European Gold has nice photos of French units. 
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Even if you don't read French, this magazine is something Tirpitz enthusiasts or modelers are going to want to have in their collection.   There are lots of photos and nice CAD drawings.   Navires & Historire, #93 is available from Lela Press, who'd I'd like to thank for this review sample, for 12,00 Euros (approximately $12.82 USD).