French Language Magazine Navires & Histoire

Reviewed October 2016
by Steve Wiper
This is a French Naval History magazine written in French.  Many of us Americans, at the least took, one of the "Romance" languages during High School, so knowing French, Spanish, or Italian will assist you in the translation of the text.  It is not that difficult.

The magazine is packed with a lot of photography, line drawings, color illustrations and contains a very diversified number of articles about naval history from around the world.

The first article in this issue is about French Navy destroyer D'Estrees, built from the mid-1950s, serving through 1985, with many photos, an as built line drawing, all showing the up-grades and changes that destroyer went through during it's service career.

My favorite article in this magazine was one on the history of the Soviet Kirov class cruisers, also know as the Project 26 cruisers.  One interesting thing about this class of cruisers, built during the Second World War, was their classification.  While they were built as light cruisers, they mounted an intermediate sized gun, 180mm, or 7.1 in.  Their design was Italian and they looked like Italian light cruisers of the time.  Lots of photos, line drawings and a color illustration.

The next article in this magazine is one about the invasion of Okinawa, not just from the American view, but also with the participation of British RN Pacific Fleet and the French Navy, an the intense Japanese "Kamikaze" defense of that island fortress.  There is also a small discussion of the possibility of the invasion of Japan, but eliminated by the use of the American atomic bomb.  Lots of photographs and color illustrations supplement this article.

Next is an article of the German submarine, left over from the Second World War, of the Type XXIII, that was refurbished and used by the Bundesmarine, but sunk in a ramming accident by a German destroyer.

In the back of the magazine is an article about the 2014 Scale Modelworld show at Telford, England, with lots of photographs of entries in that exposition. 

If you are interested in a view upon naval history from a European, in this case French, perspective, this is a great magazine to obtain that from.  We tend to learn just a little more that way.  Recommended.

This issue is available for € 12.00 in Europe, and it can be ordered directly from  LELA Presse here.

Thanks to L'Arsenal for the sample.