French Language Magazine Navires & Histoire

Reviewed August 2014
by Timothy Dike
Navires & Historire is a bi-monthly French Naval History Magazine available from L'Arsenal. Each issue is filled with Naval subjects in the French language. This issue covers a variety of subjects from the Iwo Jima landings in 1945 to recent Russian naval operations in Crimea and Ukraine. 

The photos and maps of the ports affected in Crimea are fascinating and so much more than we ever saw in the news. Coverage on the Iwo Jima includes many new photos. The slave trade is another subject covered with nice illustrations showing some of the ships involved.  The former LCT-1189 now Foncillon in French service is the subject of another section. 

Even if you don't read French, there are plenty of photos and illustrations for you to enjoy. This issue is available for € 12.00 in Europe, and it can be ordered directly from  LELA Presse here

Thanks to L'Arsenal for the sample.