French Language Navires & Histoires Hors Serie #24:
Le Redoutable

Reviewed by Sean Hert
September 2017
Navires & Histoire is a French Naval History Magazine available from Lela Press. This volume, #24, is a special on the France's first SSBN Le Redoutable. There were six submarines in the Redoubtable class, and all have been decommissioned at this time, with Le Redoutable herself being preserved at the Cité de le Mer maritime museum in Cherbourg, France.
This magazine is full of glossy photos in both color and black and white, drawings, and text. The photos are are plentiful and not only the exterior but plenty of detail interior shots of the sub, including views of the missiles and torpedo rooms. The 3D CAD renderings show the ship from a variety of angles, altough there's only so much you can do with a SSBN hull. 

Even if you don't read French, this magazine is something to be enjoyed by both Cold War naval enthusiasts and modelers. There are lots of photos and nice CAD drawings. Navires & Histoire, #98 is available from Lela Press, who'd I'd like to thank for this review sample, for 12,00 Euros (approximately $12.82 USD).