French Language Navires & Histoires # 23:

 Reviewed September 2016
by Martin J Quinn

Navires & Historire is a French language Naval History Magazine available from L'Arsenal.  This volume, #23, deals with the legendary French Lines liner Normandie
This book features 96 glossy pages of photos, drawings, CAD and text detailing the legendary liner Normandie, which was destroyed due to a fire stemming from an industrial accident while undergoing conversion to the troop ship Lafayette

Regrettably, for non-French speakers, the text is all in French, but the pictures - many of them in color - are beautiful.   The CAD drawings are exceptional, and seem to portray Normandie later in her passenger liner career.  I also enjoyed the inclusion of several 30's era travel posters within the magazine.  There are lots of detail shots for those wishing to model the great liner, and a section dealing with her conversion and destruction in New York while she was in US hands.   You'll even find a few photos - which I've never seen before - of the hulk being stripped of her top hamper and then being towed off for scrap.  A sad end to a magnificent vessel. 

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Even if you don't read French, this magazine is something liner enthusiasts or liner modelers are going to want to have.   There are lots of great photos, and the fantastic CAD drawings alone make this worth buying.   Navires & Historire, #39 - Normandie, is available from L'Arsenal, who'd I'd like to thank for this review sample, for 17,50 Euros (approximately $19.50 USD).