French Language Magazine Navires & Histoire

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
July 2014
Navires & Historire is a French Naval History Magazine available from L'Arsenal. After looking through the pages, I regret only being able to read English. This issue of the magazine covers follows the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landing ships in Normandie. This magazine is full of photos, many I have never seen before that show the landing craft used in to land Allied troops on French soil. The photos are high resolution and many are in full color. The show a variety of the different types used in action. There are LCVP, LCM, LST, LSD, LCT, as well as other special types. 
What really caught my eye is the stunning 3D renderings of all the landing craft large and small. Benjamin Druel has created these CAD models based on plans from the National Archives. The LST is shown with empty decks and loaded out with vehicles crammed on the deck. The views show the subjects from just about every angle possible making them very valuable for the modeler. 
Seventy years ago the beaches and harbors of Normandie were crowded with landing craft unloading man and machines that would push the Germans back to Berlin. How fitting that they are now captured on the pages of this special D-Day issue from Jacques Druel and the crew from Normandie. 

This issue is available for € 17.50 in Europe, and it can be ordered directly from  LELA Presse here