French/English Language Magazine Navires & History

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
June 2013
The second Naval Monographies is now available and this one coves the Prinz Eugen in CAD and photos as well as historical background. The CAD is first rate and shows the ship in a variety of views to help show those areas we don't typically see. The CAD is backed up by the historical photos that you can compare to the CAD. This magazine includes both French and English text so you don't have to rely on the photos alone. Nice line drawings of the German Cruiser drawn in 1/600 scale are also included. The photos show the cruiser through the years right up to his loss at Operation Crossroads also the subject of the next section. The Crossroads article includes a number of photos of the ship that were there as well as a comprehensive listing of all the ships broken down by type. More CAD and photos cover the German Arado Ar-196 float plane. There are color photos and profiles showing the markings worn by these aircraft. Plenty of close ups will help you superdetail yours. 

A must have for lovers of history and naval warfare. I love the mix of photos and CAD renderings. Being able to read the text in English is a big plus too. I eagerly await the next issue. 

This is Navire et Histoires Special Series, "Naval monographies" Special #2 Prinz Eugen with 84 pages softcover. It is available direct from L'Arsenal in the EU for 9,50 €  or € 8.88 plus shipping for non European readers. . or from Tony Bunch at L'Arsenal USA for $12.00.