French/English Language Magazine Navires & History

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
June 2013
A brand new French Naval History Magazine is available from LELA Press is now available from L'Arsenal. This is a quarterly magazine that will feature subjects for ship modelers. This new series will feature dual French/English text a real bonus! 

The subject of the first book is the French battleship Richelieu. The ship is modeled in 3D CAD based on the overhaul the ship had while in the USA during 1945 for her refit. The CAD renderings show the ship in a number of different angles to show off parts of the ship you wouldn't normally see. One thing I really like is the pairing of CAD renderings with actual photos of the ship that you can compare details with. These illustrations were created by Benjamin Druel who has been cranking out quite a few CAD masters for L'Arsenal lately. 

Also featured in this book is the Loire 130 flying boat. This floatplane also has a number of high quality photos that show off the details, including many interior shots. 

The 40mm quad Bofors gun is also covered up close with incredible detail.


This new magazine has something for everyone. The 3D is stunning, and I like the use of period photos along side the CAD. This new magazine is more than eye candy for the modeler, it's a handy resource for anyone who is building a Richelieu .

This is Navire et Histoires Special Series, "Naval monographies" Special #1 Richelieu. It is available direct from L'Arsenal in the EU for 9,50 €. or L'Arsenal USA for $12.00.
The next book in the series will be the Prinz Eugen Heavy Cruiser. Stay tuned.