Building and Detailing
Scale Model Ships
By Mike Ashley
This is the first book on ship modeling by Mike Ashley. It has been out for a while, and I think out of print, but is still found on many hobby store shelves. This book is published by Kalmbach the publishers of Fine Scale Modeler and is one of the many in a series of how to books that they offer.

This book deals with basic model construction and deals with topics such as:

  • Filling and sanding seams.
  • Weathering techniques.
  • Modifying Superstructure parts.
  • Scratch building and detailing guns, torpedo, missiles, and other weapons and their launchers.
  • Working with Photo etch detail parts.
  • Working with masts and fabricating new ones.
  • Making water display bases.
  • Rigging your ships.
Those are just some of the things covered in the book. Mike also deals with Plastic, Resin, and Metal ship parts, and some of the techniques that are used for each media. There  are a number of illustrated steps that go through each process. Also included are several full color pages of built up examples of other great modelers work. Whether your a beginner or intermediate modeler there is probably something in this book for you. If  you cant find this book then check out his second book on the Basics of Ship Modeling that covers most of the same material, that is still in print. 

Basics of Ship Modeling by Mike Ashley
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