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Accurately identifying enemy ships has always been difficult. During World War Two the Navy Department produced booklets with information on the ships of other nations. They compiled what was known about these ships and formatted it in a form that could be used to train lookouts on ships. The Allied Landing Craft were included on ONI226  from April 7th 1944 which is now available from History on CD-ROM in a form you can access on your computer. 

The CD contains two Adobe Acrobat PDF files, one is a catalog listing the other CD's available. The other file is actually a the entire book converted to PDF format in one searchable file. Most computer users already have Acrobat on their systems as it is probably the most popular document exchange format. If not it is included on the CD, or you can download the latest version free from If Acrobat is on your system already then simply double click the file on the CD and it will load into a window similar to your internet browser. You now browse from page to page or use the menu on the left to jump to the ship type that interests you. Pages can be displayed as tiled images or zoomed in for a closer look. On some pictures I was able to zoom in 400% without serious image degradation.

This CD Covers US, British, and Australian landing craft of all types. Everything from the rubber raft to the ocean going tank landing ships as well as Amphibious tanks and vehicles can be found here. Frankly I didn't know there were so many different types of landing craft until I browsed through the CD.

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This CD contains 129 page describing 92 types/classes including 276 pictures and 106 line drawings. The CD works well with both a Windows PC or a MAC computer or any operation system that can run Adobe Acrobat. If you would rather have a printed copy then simply print what you need as the pages are scanned in at 600 dpi. A test print of several pages shows that the output is at least as good as the reprint of a USN Book that I have in my library. This CD is  item # N508 and sells for $29.95. You can buy it direct via the website using credit card, money order or check.