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Handing Down Battleship Yamato (1993)

2 Volume Set

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This publication is 860 pages (combined) and features graphics, special drawings, maps, all of the known pictures, including many I've never seen before. It also includes technical info and drawings, survivors stories, allied pilot stories, wreckage recovery info (up to 1993), Crew bios, ship development and construction history, along with pictures of Kure and the history of Kure Naval Yards. The downside is ythat there are no English subtitles or captions, so an understanding of the Japanese language is required. I actually won these books on Ebay for $78, and the images below were posted by the seller and included translations. These translations are not included in the books, but these drawings are very well done, and will complement the Gakken and Skulski Anatomy of the Ship book very nicely. This set was published in 1993, so I am not sure of it's availability, but if interested, your best bet is to contact Bill Gruner at Pacific Front Hobbies.

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Review by Jeff Herne


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