The Floating Drydock
1/96 scale USS Tennessee Plans

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Floating Drydock has been around for many years. Tom Walkowiak has been producing a wide range of plans with the Warship Modeler in mind for years. The TFW series are plans that Tom has redrawn himself, they are based on official Government drawings with additional views that would be of interest to most modelers. This set  is of the USS Tennessee as she was rebuilt and later refitted. The plans are dated 1/1945 when she sported a new superstructure, secondary armament, and modern radar.
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The plan set contains three sheets the larger ones about 8 feet long when unrolled. The first sheet shows the ship in a full hull side elevation. Since I have yet to figure out a way to record these plans adequately and they are too large to fit on my scanner, photographs will have to do. The yellowish color is a result of florescent lighting and distant photographs don't show the contrast well. Hopefully the close-ups will give you an idea of the detail on the plans.
The lines on the plans are sharp and the details are clearly drawn. Rigging and railing, are clearly shown. 

The second sheet includes the plan view of the main deck and other deck levels. The various fittings are labeled giving the modeler a good idea of what they are.
The third sheet is a little shorter and includes the miscellaneous views. Hull lines are included as well as several views of the superstructure that are cut away from a straight on view to show them clearly.
Rigging details are also shown on the masts. Various gun platforms and other details are shown from multiple sides.

Whether you are scratch building a 1/96 scale Tennessee or detailing the HP 1/700 kit, these plans will definitely allow you to go above and  beyond the typical detailing. Check the Floating Drydock's website for an extensive line of plans, building supplies, kits, and reference material for the ship modeler. Not all their sets are online so make sure you get a catalog or call for items you don't see. This is set #TFW-BB43/8 USS Tennessee 1/96 $35.00, also available in 1/192 scale for $15.00.