How To CD
Building Realistic Ship Dioramas
by Ray Bean
Here's another new CD by Flagship Models that will help get started building resin ship models.
This one feature the work of well known modeler Ray Bean in which he describes how he built his "Keepers of the Sea part 1" diorama and Part 2 "The fighting 58th". Ray's diorama's are illustrated in photo's text, and line drawings, that do a good job of describing his techniques. I have one complaint about the photo's. they are not high enough resolution for my tastes. They are perfect for the web, but this would be a perfect format for really high resolution pictures. Never the less they do a good job of illustrating the work and this is more of a how to rather than a showcase of Ray's ships. The ships are all set in high sea's and techniques such as water making and positioning ships for a realistic effect. This CD has tips for detailing the 1/700 Dragon/Skywave Light Carriers and Pit-Road Cleveland Class Cruisers.
It plays in a standard CD or DVD player and uses Adobe Acrobat to view these files. It can downloaded for free from the Adobe site
Conclusions: This  CD can only help make you a better modeler out of you. The techniques are universal and can be applied to most any modeling project. It  lists for $8.95 and is available direct from Flagship via the website.