Flagship Models How To CD
Flagship CD review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike

Flagship has released another in the How-to CD series. This one features the stunning work of Jean-Bernard André and his stunning diorama Archangels. You get to follow along as he builds it and see the techniques used. They are documented in the 14 pages with lots of photos. He covers how-to make a sea scale with realistic icebergs. Scratchbuiding weapons, and fittings. Figure sculpting and painting are also among the subjects covered. Several photos of the finished work are included at the end.

The CD plays in a standard CD or DVD player Windows and Mac, and uses Adobe Acrobat to view these files. It can downloaded for free from the Adobe site

Conclusions: This is CD number FMCD-14 and you will be amazed at the authors work. There is something for all modelers in this CD. It  lists for $11.95 (shipping worldwide is included) and is available direct from Flagship. If you haven't been to the new Flagship website, you should check it out. Rusty White has not only improved and expanded his product line, he has done the same for his website.

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