The Flaoting Drydock's
USS Juneau CL(AA) 52
By Rod Dickson

Perhaps the best source for Ship plans around is the Floating Drydock, they also carry an extensive line of photographs and books. This one is by Rod Dickson and covers the USS Juneau throughout her brief career. 

The book is a softcover 8x10 format, and 44 pages. There are about 45 Black and White photographs that show her from her keel laying to the last pictures of her in late 1942. The closeup detail photos will be a great aid to the modeler that needs to detail either the 1/700 or 1/350 Scale kits of this Atlanta Class cruiser.
Besides the excellent photos there is a Detailed Outboard Profile drawing of her drawn by Thomas Walkowiak. This drawing shows here as fitted Friday the 13th 1942 at the time of her loss. The ships history is covered as well as details of her design.
There are excellent shots of her in both the as built MS12 mod. "dapple" camouflage pattern and a unique version of the MS12 scheme that as far as I can tell only the Juneau wore. At only $9.95 this book will make is an inexpensive but valuable addition to your library

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