Italian Battleships
An Illustrated Technical Reference
by Wayne Scarpaci

reviewed by Timothy Dike

Wayne Scarpaci has published his follow up to his successful US Battleships book this one covers the Italian Battleships from the post WWI era to their end. The author makes use of photos, drawings, and his own paintings to illustrate the different ships. There are several ONI recognition manual illustrations as well as reprints from Jane's Fighting Ships. Some historical background on the Italian Navy is provided as well as an overview of the Washington Naval Treaty. The latter provides insight into the how and why of Italian Navy designs.
My favorite feature in the book is the collection of artwork painted by the author. I should add that these are available as full size prints from the website. The book also has sections devoted to armament, fire control and armor protection as well as other statistics. 
This book is soft cover with 78 pages. There are 19 full color original paintings, and 38 line drawings, and over 130 photographs. Italian Battleships 1928-1957 An Illustrated Technical Reference by Wayne Scarpaci (ISBN 9781442121096) is a great reference to have around. You can purchase this book from here. Check Wayne's blog for the latest updates. You can also order a signed copy direct from the author using paypal, check or money order at his website

This is the second in a planned series of books on Battleships. 

Planned subsequent volumes: 

  • Vol 1 US Battleships 1941-1963 An Illustrated Technical Reference 
  • Vol 3 French Battleships 1939-1970,  Vol 5 Soviet Battleships and Battlecruisers 1939-1960
  • Vol 6 German Battleships 1939-1945 including the 'H's series designs
  • Vol 7 Japanese Battleships 1941-1947 including the B64/65 class ships
  • Vol 8 British Battleships 1939-1963.
Check Wayne's website for details and to purchase copies of his art. Not only is the art work  in this book available, but many other ships from all nations and all eras. He also does custom commission artwork.