Aj-Press #42 Graf Zepplin

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
New from AJ-Press is this book on the German Carrier Graf Zeppelin by by Siegfried Breyer. A never competed carrier that would have been the Germans first carrier. Modelers and historians around the world have been buying AJ-Press books mostly for the photo's and drawings as the text was in Polish.  But what is really big news is that this book includes english translations. Each page of text includes one column of Polish Text and a second column of English text. Bravo Zulu, AJ-Press, you have made a good book even better.
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The book is in softcover format with 112 pages filled with over 100 photo's of the Graf Zeppelin at all phases of her construction. There are drawings of the concept and the changes he underwent. I hadn't really realized how close to completion this ship came and still wonder what kind of impact it would have had on German naval operations if completed.

The book discusses the aircraft that were to be operated from the carrier. Detailed drawings show them as well as several rare photo's of the completed navalised versions of these aircraft. Weapons and fittings are well detailed and the modeler will find these drawings useful as many were used on other types of ships as well. One of my favorite features in this book are the stunning 3D renderings of the ship. They are photo realistic and among the best I have seen and there are 17 pages of them.

Also included with this book are several folded poster prints showing 3D renderings of the weapons and the ship itself. Plans of the ship are reproduced in 1/400 scale. These are an awesome reference and are done in a nice glossy format suitable for framing if desired.
If you are even remotely interested in the Graf Zeppelin, I highly recommend this book. This is item # AJPM 42 AJ-Press GRAF ZEPPELIN. German Aircraft Carrier by Siegfried Breyer  available from Airconnection for $22.99 USD / $28.99 CDN an excellent price for all that is included. Check their website for the latest in books from AJ-Press and other European sources.

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