Aircraft Pictorial 6 - F-4B/N Phantom II
by CDR Pete Clayton, USN (Ret.)

Reviewed by Martin J Quinn
November 2014

Classic Warship Publishing has released a new book, the sixth in it's Aircraft Pictorial line.   This one falls into the photo album category as it is filled with all kinds of photos of F-4B/N Phantom IIs in USN Fleet Service.
This book features 72 pages with over 140 images - the vast majority in color - of  F-4B/Ns in service with both the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets.  There are two pages of text in the front of the book, giving an overview of the Phantom in Fleet Service.   It's a nice overview of the plane's service, and not intended to be a complete history. 

The photos are laid out first by Atlantic Fleet Squadrons and then by Pacific Fleet Squadrons, in numerical Air Wing order.   The photos are mostly of very high quality and show the colorful markings of these aircraft quite well. 

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The in-flight photos are dramatic and the close-ups show lots of detail, which is especially useful for those using this book as a modeling reference. Most of the photos are also captioned with pertinent notes that provide info on the settings. 

Another must have book from Classic Warships Publishing. This one is a great overview of the Fabulous Phantom in USN Fleet Service.  This book is sure to please not only Phantom Phans, modelers and historians, but even the casual observer.   I can see this being popular with former crew members of the Midway and Forrestal classes who served when these aircraft were onboard.  This is Aircraft Pictorial 6 - F-4B/N Phantom II. Published by Classic Warships Publishing ISBN 978-0-9857149-5-6 . Price is $24.00 US retail and it is available direct of from one of their vendors listed on the Classic Warships website. Grab your copy now before this one sells out.