Aircraft Pictorial #5
P-40 Warhawk

Reviewed by Sean Hert
October 2013

The Classic Warships's series Aircraft Pictorial latest volume is #5, covering the P-40 Warhawk.

This latest book by Dana Bell, noted aircraft author, is laid out like the others in this series- a detailed history of the aircraft, with lots and lots of pictures! And these are no ordinary pictures- there is an excellent selection of color images, internals and other rare, early shots. The lack of any line drawings is due to the lack of any existing drawings of these early P-40's. It is important to note this book only covers the early "long nose", domestic P-40's- B's, C's and even G's.

Scans are reduced quality.

This book keeps with tradition, and has some fantastic color images of P-40's from the pre-war and early war time periods. These pre-war shots are fairly uncommon, and are a great addition.


Aircraft Pictorial #5 P-40 Warhawk ISBN-13: 978-09823583-9-9. Price is $18.00. For a list of vendors that carry the Aircaft and Warship Pictorial series see the Classic Warships website.