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Due out from the printer in February! The second in a new Series of Books by Classic Warships Publishing!

Aircraft Pictorial #2 - SB2U Vindicator

 This second book in a new series, authored by famed aircraft historian Dana Bell, is a dedicated look at the US Navy dive bomber from the pre-war and early Second World War period. All aspects of this aircraft are covered in a 72 page format, 8 of which are full color. Included are numerous photographs of overall views, all exterior details, cockpit interiors, line drawings, color photographs, and color illustrations. Extensive research is presented within the body of text, as well as informative captions which accompany each photograph and the illustrations. This books offers many previously unknown details and corrections to past information in one of, if not the most extensive look at this aircraft type. This publication, as well as this new series of dedicated aircraft pictorials, will become a highly sought after reference for both the aircraft modeler and enthusiast.

USA Retail: $18.00