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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Here's something you don't see everyday! French Naval Ships of World War Two is one colorful and unique collection of ships. There are 236 photos with 22 in color. The color shots are some of the most unique camo pictures I have seen. Some of these patterns are reminiscent of the World War I dazzle schemes. 

The CD is set up much like their website with easy to use buttons to take you to the photo's on each ship. The image on the right shows a screen capture of the index page. The photos are organized by type and are easily accessible with just a click. The photo's are all very high resolution and are much better than anything currently on the web. I have reduced them in size and quality for the web. 

Newer browsers will fit the image to your screen, but you can zoom in on the images and see them in amazing detail. If you can access this review then your browser will open the CD with no problems.

Many of these photos are refit photos showing the ships getting new weapons in US Shipyards. Some such as the Richelieu feature some great color shots of the New York skyline. Even the black and white photos are sharp and reveal lots of details. For me the photos were an education. I never realized that so many French ships were refitted in the US. 

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This new CD is a must have, I was very impressed with the quality of the photo's and the variety of ships featured. The photo's are excellent, they rival what is currently in print.  The CD is priced at $30.00 US which includes Priority shipping in the US and First Class airmail shipping worldwide.  Since we can't all afford to spend hours combing over the files in the National Archives, this is the next best thing to being there. Besides most of us wouldn't even know where to look to find images like these.

You can order these via the AA Military - Research.com website with their online paypal shopping cart. Note you don't have to be a Paypal customer to order as long as you have a credit card.

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