Reviewed August 2015
by Steve Wiper
This is a relatively new publication from the folks at Hobby Scale Press in Savannah, Georgia, on-line at  Printed on nice heavy paper, with a good low gloss stock, the all color production is very well executed with the 50 pages between the covers, and is presented in a 8.5 x 11 in. portrait format.

This magazine is aimed at all model kit builders, as well as those who kit-bash and even those that might scratch build.  One thing that jumped out at me was that the magazine walks one through the process of building the subject, step by step, and is helpful in pointing out area that might be difficult to either assemble, or paint. Nice little hints and techniques are also mentioned quite often during each build article.

While there may not be many ship kit build articles, many of the techniques have a cross-over learning experience for ship modelers, especially in the painting department !  I would encourage all ship modelers to look at well build armor models for this lesson.  Remember, ships and tanks are pained steel vessels and when weathering is concerned, the wear is similar.

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An extensive article on building two different versions of the same kit, one a US Navy biplane trainer known as the NS2 Model 75 "Stearman" Kaydet in their wonderful pre-war painting and marking. A great article on painting camouflage on the Greek Air Force P.24, by layering colors and highlighting with graphic pencils. A very informative article on casting resin duplicate parts from a scratch/kit-bash master pattern, in the Sci-Fi world of modeling. What to do with al those spare armor kit parts ?  Read this article !
Neat magazine !  Had a lot of fun reading through each article and actually learned a couple of new tricks ! As I hinted to above, I think a lot of neat little model assembly tricks can be learned from outside our own ship modeling world, from our friends in other parts of the Universe !

One more for the stash ! 

Thank you to the folks at "Scale Hobby Press" for providing the review sample. Check out Hobby Scale Press website for more details.