Reviewed October 2014
by Timothy Dike
Building the IJN Shokaku in 1/700 Scale by Joseph Marranca, a new book from HobbyScale Press covers the old Fujimi kit from start to finish. The book begins with some history and background on the ship. He then covers the tools of the trade and how to use paints and different kinds of adhesives. Afterwards a step by step approach with lots of photos will help you learn the different techniques to turn a kit into a show quality model. The many photos are clear and informative and the tips can be applied to most any ship. Among the techniques covered are rigging, realistic wood deck painting, and detail painting. 
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If you ever wanted to go beyond just assembling a kit, then you will benefit from this new book. Building the IJN Shokaku in 1/700 Scale by Joseph Marranca  is available in print for $7.99 plus postage from HobbyScale Press. The book is also available as a digital download.