Reviewed May 2017
by Timothy Dike
The 83-foot Patrol Cutters are virtually unknown to the general public, yet while the Carriers and Battleships grabbed the headlines these wooden hull boats were working behind the scenes to help the war effort. The author; Mr. T Garth Connelly has compiled this book of photos, plans and data on these members of the "Matchstick fleet".

The book is 76 pages and includes information on their construction and design. Their power plants and weapons are documented in their own chapters. There are many drawings showing not only the boats, but also the weapons and fittings. There are tables documenting the hull numbers and their disposition. There are many photos, some in color showing these boats in operation. I found the Normandy photos taken before, during and after most interesting. 

An interesting read about these mostly unknown work horses of World War Two. If your a fan of the small combatants of WW2 you will want to check out this book.

US Coast Guard 83-foot Patrol Cutters in World War II  Paperback is available for $17.18 on Amazon Book Page