Previewed September 2016
by Timothy Dike
Modeling Full Ahead No. 2 is out and this issue includes 100 pages with more than 650 high quality photos dedicated to New Orleans class cruisers. There are step by step construction and painting of four different models of this class. A 1/700 San Francisco as in 1944, a 1/350 42 version. A 1942 1/700 Quincy and a 1/350 Tuscaloosa also in 42 are each described in great detail from assembly with aftermarket accessories and final painting and weathering. 
Modeling Full Ahead has become bigger; following the success of the first issue, Knox & Baleares Class we are now proud to present Modelling Full Ahead 2: New Orleans Class. Initially when we laid out Modelling Full Ahead, our goal was to condense the information required to successfully build one class of warship into 80 pages. However, as modelers, we all know that the full scope of our hobby that challenges us includes techniques, new innovative ideas, history and so much more. Therefore this cannot be achieved only with a monographic series. Be sure not to miss out on these special issues.
If your interested in this class and want to build it right, you definitely need this book. The step by step is awesome. 

This is item MODELLING FULL AHEAD NEW ORLEANS CLASS with a list price of 17,95 € or about 20.10 US Dollars at today's exchange rate. You can buy direct or from most of the better known hobby shops online.