Reviewed January 2016
by Timothy Dike
AK Interactive is well known for their weathering supplies.  In their new endeavor, Modeling Full Ahead, they show not only how to paint and weather, but also how to build this award winning diorama by Marijn van Gils.  The subject of the diorama and the title of the book is Lexington's Final Battle.  Marijn uses Trumpeters 1/700 USS Lexington kit along with Niko's USS Hughes resin kit to portray the USS Morris.  The book includes chapters that provide background and history for the subject, and a chapter devoted to building each ship.Chapter three is devoted solely to the air wing, while chapter four covers boats life rafts and deck equipment.  In this stunning diorama there are hundreds of figure's and Marijn shows how to turn flat photo etch figure's into 3D looking figures in chapter five.  Chapter six covers the seascape while chapter seven shows how to bring it all together.  Finally in chapter eight there are lots of high resolution photos of the finished diorama from all angles that give you an appreciation of the amount of work that went into this project. More photos of this diorama can be found in his ModelShipGallery page
You don't have to be modeling the USS Lexington to appreciate this book.  The techniques can be applied to most any modeling project.  Marijn's diorama won a well deserved Best of Show at Scale Model Challenge 2015 in Veldhoven and he openly shares how we did it in this new book.  I highly recommend you get a copy to learn how to build your own award winning ships.

This is item #AK667 MODELLING FULL AHEAD SPECIAL LEXINGTON´S FINAL BATTLE with a list price of 15,95 € or about 17.32 US Dollars at today's exchange rate. You can buy direct or from most of the better known hobby shops online.