Modelarstwo #39

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Polish Ship Modeling Magazine Modelarstwo is out with it's latest issue. This one has the usual reviews of new products and some really stunning feature and gallery items. Those include the RMS" Titanic - monograph Modeling, the relationship with the construction of the diorama, Wreck of the Bismarck, The fifteenth century foglerz lawetowy the iron barrel, and Mikroflota Jim - SMS Planet. There is also photo coverage of IPMS 2011 SMW Telford and more.
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My favorite feature is the plans and drawings included. This issue features the Italian single 37 mm gun in 2d views and 3d rendered views. The detail is good enough to use for reference to superdetail a large scale ship. The centerfold is a set of plans for Model in 1/500 scale of the passenger ship RMS Carpathia. These are well drawn and include most all the views for the typical modeler. 

This issue features a a fold out set of plans with two subjects front and back. 
The steam tug SOKÓ is drawn in scale 1/50 scale.
On the back side is the sailing ship Pollaca from 1696 in 1/100 scale.
Both are nicely drawn and would be useful to scratchbuild your own ship. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The photos (and plans) in this magazine more than make up for the Polish text that most of us probably can't read. The set of plans alone is worth the price of a subscription. You can also order single issues with details on the Modelarstwo website. You can email direct to and receive a reply in english.