Modelarstwo #15

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Polish Ship Modeling Magazine Modelarstwo is out with it's latest issue. This one features some nice photos drawings and plans of some exciting subjects. One the cover is a 1/50 scale cutaway of the Kilo class sub Orzel. The inside cover shows several closeup views of the various compartments. New kit news and kit reviews are covered in the first section. Many of the latest kits and accessories are featured with descriptive photos that show what's in the box. The San Felipe is the subject of a step by step construction article with plenty of pictures for those who don't read Polish. Grezegorz Terpinski shows his fleet of British ships including the HMS Abercrombie, Skiddaw, Rattlesnake, Industrious, Freebooter, and Barlow. 
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A photo feature on the Orzel followed by a set of detailed plans drawn up by Jacek Krzewinski will allow you to build your own. The plans include sections of the hull and sail and lots of fine details. LCI(L)-125 is the subject of another feature that includes historical photos, text, and full color camouflage color guides. A set of plans for the LCI are drawn at 1/100 and 1/50 scale by Waldemar Kaczmarczyk on a 30" x 22" sheet. They include hull lines, plan and profile views, deck levels, and a number of close up detail views of all the deck fittings, and details. 

Ship modelings biggest international cheerleader Jim Baumann shows off his Pelayo in a two page spread with a collage of nice photos. My favorite feature is the detailed article on the British 153mm/50cal twin gun mount. This feature includes some really nice 2D plans accompanied by some stunning 3D renderings by Mariusz Motyka showing the gun at all angles. The model is so detailed that even the gun barrel riffling is shown. Other features include flags, photo etch, an innovative ship in a light bulb how-to, and an RC Orzel. 


While most of you probably don't read Polish, this well illustrated magazine is still a great value. The set of plans alone is cause enough to order a subscription. Details can be found on the Modelarstwo website.