Modelarstwo #56

Reviewed April 2015
by Timothy Dike
Polish Ship Modeling Magazine Modelarstwo issue number 54 is out. This one features plans of the Polish war small coastal cargo ship type N3-S-A2 s/s "KIELCE", drawn in 1/200 scale. The Austro-Hungarian ironclad ship SMS "Custoza" is nicely drawn in 1/400 scale. German twin 105 mm gun turrets are featured in the 3D ship equipment section. Part six of the painting profiles show British Hunt class escort destroyer; HMS "TETCOTT" in full color elevation views. 
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There are more photos including new product reviews and model photos to enjoy. 

This magazine is yet another helpful resource for the ship modeler. The photos and plans offer something for all kinds of modelers. The illustrations are first class and having the plans is a big bonus!

While most of you probably don't read Polish, this well illustrated magazine is still a great value. The detailed drawings and illustrations are reason enough to subscribe or at least order back issues like this one. Contact for subscription details and receive a reply in english.